21 hours ago
Fuck your thanks.
Open up ALL the hotels for those health care workers & homeless who may need them NOW...

This is an insult 🤬

23 hours ago
Always at the heart of the community ❤️ https://t.co/p4N09Qmiu6
streetskitchen photo
Castlehaven (CCA) @CCA_Camden
Our incredible Ageactivity 60+ team have spent the last 3 weeks calling their members to assess individual needs. It was a huge job as it required 285 phone calls. Measures have now been put in place to assure that each member has access to food, medicine and a support network. https://t.co/ZdTivMumi8
2 days ago
#Islington #HomelessTaskforce in action!
BIG thanks to @BOLfoods for so much amazing soup that we shared today with our 'homeless' communities and local elderly folk😊
As ever all organised by the amazing @our_MoH ❤️ https://t.co/doWKnkiMCR
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Union Chapel London @UnionChapelUK
Here's @streetskitchen dropping off supplies at @UnionChapelUK for @marginsproj's food takeaway service for the homeless & vulnerable.

We need help to continue supporting the community. Any businesses/individuals looking to donate, please email us at community @unionchapel.org.uk https://t.co/SPOjskPvIl
3 days ago
Extraordinary work by all the homeless & housing teams at @IslingtonBC ❤️
It has been incredible to be part of ALL the #Islington groups coming together in this crisis to support each other as we try to address homelessness in the borough...
Powerful. https://t.co/dtr0EKFJpP
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Diarmaid Ward @diarmaid_w
Since 26 March 64 people who were rough sleeping or living in shelters in Islington have been accommodated
@streetskitchen & @our_MoH are doing great work getting food to those who need it
Massive thank you to all the brilliant @Islingtonbc staff &
all our partners & volunteers https://t.co/E7fmjktzhI
3 days ago
Surely not...!
Our understanding is that @haringeycouncil does NOT collaborate with the home office, particularly not when dealing with vulnerable people in this #COVID19 crisis.
This is very worrying to hear and hope this is very urgently cleared up. https://t.co/mxqx13rJWJ