24 hours ago
Who let this sociopath into a foodbank to absolve her government of any responsibility for their existence? https://t.co/9kCTxAYdww
1 day ago
Boris Johnson has decided he's just going to consistently lie to people's faces about Corbyn's policies, because our media are too spineless to hold him to account, and the voting public are apparently gullible enough to believe him. https://t.co/OseiYjscs7
1 day ago
Another busy evening in #Camden with @RefugeeCKitchen and @streetvetuk
Thankfully we had lots of hot food and drinks to share with everyone in need ❤✊
getinvolved @streetskitchen.org
#SolidarityNotCharity https://t.co/jTL7qf9Yqp
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1 day ago
It's now understood Streets Kitchen has persuaded the landlord - who resumed control of the site from the Post Office Ltd. back in August -to let them open a shelter.

Facebook posts suggest it will be named: "Post House: A first-class #SolidarityShelter".
1 day ago
At long long last the fencing under #StroudGreen bridge is going....
Very glad to see.
Well played @IslingtonBC https://t.co/CUNul2zfqL
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