2 days ago
The government's National Food Strategy was an opportunity to tackle hunger in Britain – but instead, it shows that the Tories prefer millions living in food poverty to any kind of fundamental change.

5 days ago
A #Walthamstow mum has been told she has to accept an offer of a council house 150 miles away from her East London family or be put at risk of homelessness...
5 days ago
we need an answer to this & more importantly immediate action... https://t.co/gkazD3Ghcc
5 days ago
This is madness and infuriating..
 As many as 29,242 dwellings have been unoccupied for at least 6 months in London to a collective value of roughly £15 billion.
There is no reason for anyone to be on our streets

#SquatTheLot #NoMoreDeathsOnOurStreets