2 days ago
sun's out, legs out ☀️💃 charging up on some sunbeams on the morning shift https://t.co/dV1ngtAvUa streetskitchen photo
2 days ago
We're still not a charity nor ever will be will but LOVE the support of @SafestoreLtd have given our work over the years 👏 ❤ https://t.co/Ud6dzAqiLO
streetskitchen photo
Safestore @SafestoreLtd
We wanted to make you aware of the valuable work done by @streetskitchen particularly at a time when homeless people have never been more vulnerable - in the hope that donations will allow this charity to continue its valuable work." #charitytuesday https://t.co/bDagk6d15B https://t.co/dRVCW5DE4Q