3 days ago
Terrible for whatever reason... https://t.co/FQmDVSzRyr
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Islington Tribune @IslingtonTrib
The owner of a street planter says she thinks it was stolen by vandals who objected to a poster she'd placed on it supporting the council's People-friendly Streets roll out. Police are investigating https://t.co/4ggffQ4rPf https://t.co/w6cYDslRHF
4 days ago
dispersed... 🤷‍♂️ 🤬
great policing lads.. we'll all sleep safer now..you must all be so proud 👏
#EndHostileEnvironment https://t.co/Stx8yqoMWP
4 days ago
At last it arrived!
Today will mainly be digesting @MaeveMCC hard work leisurely. 💞
From all accounts a vital read for anyone with any interest in understanding the world of those experiencing homelessness.
Well done Maeve 👏 our trust was well placed 💞
https://t.co/GN1DfsV5nu https://t.co/CK3F36ZBmD
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4 days ago
Am incredible group of amazing peoples ❤ 👏👏 https://t.co/Cx9Jy8wOyN
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Dons Local Action Group @DonsLocalAction
We’ve built incredible partnerships with over 100 local organisations!💙💛

We’ve donated to local foodbanks, hospitals, ambulance stations, schools, street kitchens, hostels, homeless shelters, baby banks and many more!✨ https://t.co/ZPogLZa8NM