4 hours ago
It's going to be an incredibly cold week in the UK, from tonight.

Check in on any vulnerable neighbours, or those currently homeless.

Make sure they have everything they'll need to stay warm, especially during the night. https://t.co/cFDRxeddAX
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12 hours ago
Annie lost her husband after he was targeted by predatory advertising from gambling companies. https://t.co/SVUdeidNGE
23 hours ago
The UK has recorded 438 new coronavirus deaths - its highest daily total since 24 February last year.

2 days ago
There are lots of good things about the BBC, but "they hold the Tories to account" ain't one of them, ffs.

They stopped going on Channel 4 News and Good Morning Britain, because they were actually being held to account, and it was embarrassing for them.

The BBC never did that.