About us


Streets Kitchen is a UK & Ireland grassroots group working to help the homeless community, providing daily outreaches with food, clothing and information that benefits our streets.

We work in partnership with others across the UK and beyond. Volunteers and Food donations welcome. Connect with us on Facebook | Twitter | Email 

Streets kitchen was born in a squat five years ago. It began with the intention to collate a directory of homelessness services within the UK, and grew into a service that unites people who want to help, with people who need help.

It is a life-saving service that supports and stands in solidarity with those living on the streets, providing not only hot meals and essential supplies but establishing a sense of community on its outreaches and solidarity centres.

It is organised and run by volunteers, many of whom have been homeless and used a Streets Kitchen service themselves. To have food is a basic human right, and Streets Kitchen fulfils that right.

We aim to create one central resource to provide up-to-date, useful information that anyone who is hungry, needing some advice or anything that might help their situation can access.

If you are involved with or know of any food/soup runs please email us with details of where, when and services offered.