A big thank you, to you all who made #StreetsFest a success.

Hi all,

On behalf of ourselves, Sarah (Islington Council)  and Sophie (Haringey Council), and the team from Streets Kitchen, we want to say a massive thank you to all of the volunteers and agencies who came out to support Streets Fest! What an absolutely fantastic day was had by all! We had over 40 agencies attending, provided refreshments to 300 people, gave over 60 people showers, 40 people haircuts, dental care to over 20 people and so many sexual health tests!!

There was so much passion and enthusiasm by you all, and it was infectious! Everyone was having so much fun, and we absolutely couldn’t have done it without you all!! It made us incredibly proud, not only to be a part of Haringey and Islington’s partnership, but also a part of this sector! Being able to work with such incredible and inspirational people like yourselves.

As they say – ‘The whole is greater than the sum of its parts’ and that was no truer than it was yesterday. We have a long way to go to support our most vulnerable people off the streets, but yesterday was a display of what we can achieve if we all work together.

If you have any feedback or suggestions on what we could do differently next year, that would be helpful. Also, if you could give us a rough idea of how many people you saw, that would be great.

Roll on next year!!

Sophie, Sarah and Jon

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