London Winter Shelters list 2018/19

A range of Winter Shelters (or cold weather shelters) operate in London each winter. Some open just for a week over Christmas, others are open for several months. They vary in size from about 10 to 30-40 spaces, although Crisis at Christmas accommodates several hundred people.

A lot of the shelters listed are organised by local church or faith-based groups and operate in a different church hall or community space each night on a rota basis. Details of the venue for the night are given when someone is offered a place. The shelters are usually staffed by volunteers, offer basic accommodation in communal sleeping areas and provide breakfast and an evening meal. There is not usually a charge for staying in the shelter.

Getting into a winter shelter is usually done on a referral basis and often coordinated by one local organisation. Although they may take referrals directly from homeless individuals or from any agency, there may be an expectation that a referring agency will be responsible for providing ongoing support to the person and helping with their move on.

Updates may be made to this listing as the winter progresses and more information becomes available about some of the shelters.


The winter shelters are listed under the boroughs in which they operate, so some appear more than once. Crisis at Christmas operates a service across London, and is included as the first entry. Some boroughs are not listed at all – . Housing Justice may be able to advise on any other projects in these areas.

The Homeless England website gives more details of the winter shelters, as well as other emergency accommodation, advice and support services for people experiencing homelessness.

more details at Homeless Link