” Blatant attempts to criminalise those with nothing is wrong, homelessness can never be a crime, the fact that it exists should be.”

Liberty, acting for a homeless man in Camden, has successfully challenged sanctions handed to him by the police, which criminalised activities such as ‘loitering’ on any pavement or public street in London without a pre-arranged appointment.

In a legal appeal to the Met Police, Liberty argued the notice amounted to a ‘blanket ban on begging’, with a series of ‘overly broad and unclear’ and unlawful conditions that included not being allowed to be in possession of any open containers or cups.

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Streets Kitchen #HarshTruths: A film by Liberty

Our colleagues Liberty commissioned this important short film highlighting our recent work and the growing issues we and our guests face on the street as part of their Liberty Festival of Human Rights The film was made by the award-winning Tea Films

We encourage you to watch this film and consider coming out and joining us and our many partners to make a difference in your local area. Give a shift:

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URGENT #HelpHaringeyHomeless

There’s still time. The next planning meeting is scheduled for 8th March. Haringey residents, please voice your support today.

People experiencing homelessness in Haringey urgently need your help. A proposal has been put forward to develop a series of modular homes to house those who have been street homeless in Haringey. The development is currently at risk – the vote has been deferred by the Haringey Sub Planning Committee twice. Whilst the development doesn’t progress, lives are still at risk. We’ve listed more information about the development further down the page. We URGENTLY need Haringey residents to let Haringey council know you support this development.

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Grassroots groups warn of coming ‘humanitarian disaster’ on World Homeless Day.

This World Homeless Day – 10.10.20 – the UK’s only grassroots COVID-19 homeless task force is calling for the government not to abandon people who are sleeping rough as the winter fast approaches. The taskforce includes Streets Kitchen, Museum of Homelessness, and The Outside Project who all carry out frontline work with people who are homeless in London.

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‘Hotels for the Homeless’: An urgent response.

We are a grassroots coalition of organisations working in various aspects of homelessness outreach, support, and activism, who already work together across London, and who have been supporting each other since the pandemic began.

We published the national plan for hotel access last weekend, amidst silence from the mainstream homelessness sector and authorities. We are pleased that the plan has been taken forward but we are deeply concerned that we are excluded from communications and planning and we are already seeing specific examples of this happening. By default this also means that the people we work with are being excluded, even though they are arguably very at risk from the pandemic.

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